invest in the sleep of your
leaders and teams.

Problem solving

Team engagement

Learning & memory


Inspiring leadership

Decision making

Sleep is the cornerstone of performance

Our team of sleep experts and business brains brings the science of sleep to your organization through carefully designed sleep programs. Studies show that with great sleep, your leaders and employees feel better, get more done, and are more inspiring.

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Sleep deprivation is everywhere

Sleep deprivation is a widespread problem in the global population that limits the productivity of your workforce — regardless of age, gender, or hierarchy level.

Sleep is a big problem
of people sleep less than 6 hrs per night 3
of people fall asleep unintentionally during the day 2
of people have trouble falling
or staying asleep at least once a week 4

Lack of sleep hurts your company

Non-stop stimuli and 24/7 demands are detrimental to your employees’ sleep. A sleep deprived employee loses more than two weeks in productivity each year.1 For an average Fortune 500 company the increased costs due to sleep deprivation is estimated at $80M/year.

Sleep costs you a lot

The ROI of sleep is huge

Capture the missed potential stored in your employees’ performance. Invest in their sleep.

Do something about it
  • Calculate the costs of sleep deprivation in your organization

We help your staff perform at its best

Coming from Berkeley, Harvard Medical School, INSEAD, McKinsey, & Bain, we speak sleep and business. We understand how business realities can make it difficult to focus on sleep and we’ll sit down with you to understand the specific situation for your organization. We’ve worked with top companies to deliver outstanding results.

Our solutions

Sleep programs designed to serve your teams



Participants take a sleep diagnostic to assess how well they sleep and what they should focus on.


Program kickoff

An in-person or webinar kickoff session about the science of sleep led by one of our sleep experts.


Main program

A 4-week program for behavioral change. Bite-sized coaching with weekly themes, team challenges, progress updates and exercises are a few.


Continued support

We provide additional resources to keep your team on track with their sleep goals.
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A little investment goes a long way

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5. Brigham & Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. Real Costs of Fatigue Calculator. Estimates assume no shiftworkers exist in the firm.

Our clients say it best

“In my work, having enough sleep is crucial. I walked away with very practical tips that have become part of my daily routine.”
-Yves ter Huurne, Engagement Manager at a top tier consultancy

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