At Shleep, we believe that people around the world deserve to sleep better for a more productive, healthier, and happier life.

Els van der Helm & Jöran Albers 
Co-founders of Shleep

Meet the Shleepies

Els van der Helm, PhD

Co-founder & MD
Els is co-founder of Shleep and our sleep expert #1, having spent over a decade in sleep academia at Berkeley and Harvard.

Jöran Albers

Co-founder & MD
Jöran is co-founder of Shleep and brings structure to our efforts. After 7 years of management consulting with Bain & Monitor, he decided the world needed to sleep better.

Eelke Hermens

Head of Tech & Product
Eelke has spent the last decade leading development teams and building software companies and is now helping Shleep build impactful products.

Elena Tsimakouridze, PhD

Project Leader
Sleep fanatic. Elena received her PhD with a focus on circadian rhythms. She loves developing tools and promoting knowledge about the role sleep and circadian rhythms play in our day to day lives - to ultimately improve our health and performance.

Tom van Wersch

Business Development Lead
Having kickstarted his career at FMCG multinationals, Tom speaks the language of corporates and understands their daily dynamics. This makes him a well-equipped sparring partner for our corporate clients and clients-to-be.

Melanie Knufinke, PhD

Sleep Expert
Melanie focuses on sleep and performance psychology and leads Shleep's workshops and content creation.

Koen de Graaf

Our design and graphic arts guru Koen has the incredible ability to create beauty on any scale, into the tiniest details, while realizing the best possible user experience.

Kim Hubregtse

Kim is from the Universiteit van Amsterdam, and an expert in Brain and Cognition in Societies. She loves communicating the science behind sleep.

Our sleep advisors

Elizabeth Mason, PhD

Dr. Mason is a clinical psychologist at St. Vincent's Hospital and a conjoint lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Ellie McGlinchey, PhD

Dr. McGlinchey is a psychology in NYC with 15 years of sleep disorder research & treatment experience.

Bryce Mander, PhD

As a neuroscientist at Berkeley, he focuses on the relationship between sleep & brain pathology.

Kate Kaplan, PhD

Dr. Kaplan is a psychologist with 15 years of experience researching & treating sleep disorders with Stanford.

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