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Our sleep coaching platform helps you unlock the full potential stored in your teams.

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How Shleep can help your company




Assess your current sleep situation

Daily exercises to change behavior
Track performance over time


Assess your current sleep situation


Daily exercises to change behavior


Track performance over time

Getting started

We offer a kickstart package to introduce Shleep to your organization. This includes:

  • Office-wide sleep assessment
  • Detailed report
  • Live kickoff workshop

Keeping track

With our detailed dashboard for HR and team leaders,
you’ll be able to identify problem areas, track progress and make mid-course adjustments.

Clients that now sleep better

Elena Tsimakouridze, PhD
Melanie Knufinke, PhD
Jared Saletin,
Bryce Mander, PhD
Elizabeth Manson, PhD

Sleep experts with an applicable solution

Led by Dr. Els van der Helm, named one of the top 5 leading sleep experts in the world, our team of sleep psychologists and neuroscientists has developed a comprehensive corporate sleep program to ensure leaders and their teams have a boost in their sleep and performance.

Meet the whole team

"I used to sleep six hours a night and I thought that was okay. The program has changed my life!”

-Kim-Yen Pham, Consultancy Company

"Although this might be considered a soft subject, I now consider the subject of energy management a key priority for myself and my team."

-Jos van der Weg, Consultancy Company

"This program has had an immeasurable effect on my ability to make critical decisions for my company."

-Victor van Tol, CEO of Tech Company

"In my work, having enough sleep is crucial. I walked away with very practical tips that have become part of my daily routine even one year later."

-Yves ter Huurne, Consultancy Company

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