What are cookies?

Cookies are little (text)files which are stored on your computer. Your web browser stores these cookies when you visit our website. These cookies will be retrieved when you visit our website again, so the website can recognise you as a previous visitor. This ensures you can make the best use of our website and services.


Why do we use cookies?

By using cookies, we can see how our website is used and how we can optimise our website and services for our users. Cookies are also helpful to make the website quick and safe.


Which cookies do we use?

In order to optimise the website and provided services for you, we use the following types of cookies:


Functional cookies: Functional cookies are necessary to make the website work properly. These cookies make it possible for you to log in and save particular settings (like language settings).


Analytic cookies: Analytic cookies are used to examine the quality and effectiveness of the website. For example, we can see how many users are accessing the website and which pages are visited. We use this information to improve our website and services.


Tracking cookies: Tracking cookies monitor your clicking behaviour and surfing habits. By means of these cookies we can see whether and when you view your profile, and whether you click through to our website. This makes it possible to show us where you came from and where you are going before and after visiting our website. It also makes it possible to show you advertisements that match your interests. Third parties can show you relevant advertisement as well.

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