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Sneak Peek: How To Work When You're Tired

Venus Ng


March 22, 2021

It’s an unfortunate fact of life: there will be days when you wake up exhausted.

But you have to get to work – whether it’s your job or around the house – and getting back to bed is not an option. You need to be alert, stay focused and make the most of your day (hopefully without being a miserable sod).

Besides dosing your system with caffeine, there are healthier ways to give yourself that extra bit of energy! In our upcoming webinar on 22 September, 1230pm CET on “How To Work When You’re Tired , Dr. Els van der Helm will equip you with the energy management skills to help you stay productive when you’re tired. Till then, here are the whys and three tips to tide you through!

Why Are You Tired?

Maybe you pulled an all-nighter to chase a deadline or you woke up in the middle of the night and spent hours staring into space. Or maybe you seemed to have clocked in enough sleep, and can't figure out a viable explanation. We've narrowed down to the top three contenders:

1) You're sleeping far less than you should

Quite simply, you’re not sleeping enough. The CDC found that one in three adults do not get enough sleep (less than the minimum 7 hours of sleep every night). Research has shown that this lack of sleep has significant impacts on not just your health, but cognitive performance.

Shleep Webinar Why Am I Tired
Taken off Shleep Webinar: "Why Am I Tired"

2) You're going through a stressful period

That's right, stress can induce physical, cognitive and emotional fatigue, which uses up a lot of energy. Sleep then helps to restore this lost energy, promoting optimal cognitive response and keeping the brain emotionally balanced.

3) You're sick

Sleep is your immune system’s ally. When we get an infection, our body responds by upping its defence system. Through a chain of events, the brain gets the message about the infection, and responds by making us sleep longer and deeper. This in turn allows the immune system to turn up its response – getting more cells out there, and also sharpening their response so that they really focus on learning about their enemy and how to attack it. 

Tips on Being Productive

Attend our upcoming webinar on 22 September, 1230pm CET on “How To Work When You’re Tired to learn more about energy management skills to help you stay productive when you’re tired. Till then, here are three tips to tide you through!

1) Watch what you put in your body

Start with a healthy breakfast, aiming for more proteins and fiber than carbohydrates to provide yourself with easy energy! Good to note as well is that dehydration saps your energy so sip water regularly when you are tired! This balanced intake of water will help you improve your memory and focus.

2) Keep moving

We know, this is quite the opposite of what you’d like to do when you’re feeling tired. However, the absolute worst thing you can do is to be sedentary. Try having a standing or walking meeting outside; anything that gets you out of your desk and into bright lights!

3) Schedule a well-timed power nap

Researchers have found that there are clear benefits to napping, including increased alertness after your nap. Dr. Els van der Helm, CEO of Shleep and world-leading sleep expert recommends naps between 2pm to 3pm, limiting it from 10 to 30 minutes.

Want more? Join Dr. Els van der Helm in her upcoming webinar by clicking on the banner below.

Shleep Webinar: How to work when you're tired

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