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7 Wellness Apps to Improve Your 2019

Kim Hubregtse


February 18, 2021

What are the best apps to start each day in 2018 off in the best way possible? We’ve outlined the 7-step app plan below to support you for your best days yet. They’ll lead you step by step to a happier, healthier and more productive 2018.

1. Sleep

Where to start? That one is easy! Sleep is the single most efficient way to boost your 2018. It’s also the most pleasant one for most of us. Sleep is at the foundation of many other boosting activities, such as productivity, fitness, weight loss and relaxation. Attempting to pick up a new habit while being sleep deprived will be an uphill battle, whereas the extra energy you get from great sleep can be put to good use in other areas you want to improve. Shleep (iOS/Android/web) is a program developed by a team of sleep scientists, designed to coach you to better sleep in 5 minutes a day. You will become a sleep expert yourself and get the most of out your nightly shut-eye.

2. Fitness

Now that you’re well rested each morning, you can start the day off with some exercise! Don’t have much time? No worries, Seven (iOS/Android/Microsoft) is the science-backed method to boost your health in just 7 minutes each day: the workout tried and tested, shown to boost health.

3. Nutrition

You had a great night of sleep, an energy-boosting burst of workout, and now it’s time for breakfast. But what is actually in your breakfast? Are there hidden sugars? Are you getting enough protein? Time to scan some of those barcodes and find out! Knowing what’s in your food (and what might be missing) using an app like MyFitnessPal (iOS/Android/web) allows you to make healthier food choices, so that you can spend less time on reading food labels and more on things you care about!


4. Productivity

Energized by sleep, exercise and healthy nutrition you are ready to get some work done! How can you focus on what’s really important and not lose track of important tasks that come up during the day? Todoist (iOS/Android/Microsoft/web) helps you with just that. It’s your digital to-do list, neatly organized by topic and priority level. It will allow you to share your to do list with others in your team, and outsource some of your own to do’s to them!


5. Water

Did you know that productivity declines rapidly when you are dehydrated? It’s easy to forget to drink water regularly. Use Waterlogged (iOS/Android/web) to keep track of your water drinking, to prevent a slump in productivity just because you forgot this essential fluid for your body!


6. Mindfulness

You’ve had a productive morning, but are facing a bit of a slump after lunch each day? Shleep might have taught you to take a short nap to boost your attention and productivity. But perhaps all you need is a little headspace, time to de-stress and focus on yourself instead of the chaos around you. Headspace (iOS/Android/web) is just the app for you! It will teach you how to slow down your racing thoughts and take some time to yourself with a daily 10 minute guided meditation.


7. Learn a new language

After your super productive day you’ll have more time for other things in life! One goal that’s tough to follow through on is learning a new language. But with Duolingo (iOS/Android/Microsoft/web) you’ll find that you can put in just a few minutes each day and make progress. We recommend doing this right before you go to bed as this will allow your brain to consolidate what you’ve learned during sleep. >>> And we’re back to step 1, sleep, for another productive day tomorrow!


An alternative to Duolingo for those of you wanting to improve your English as a second language could be Elevate (iOS/Android/web) which provides great game-like exercises in reading, listening, writing, speaking, and some math, too. Later, you might move onto their study materials, as well, which cover some more advanced public speaking, speed reading, vocabulary building and math exercises.


Time for a fresh start with fresh apps. Clean out that graveyard of apps on your phone and install these 7 top-notch apps instead!

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