30 Day Sleep Better Program
MARCH 15 TO APRIL 23, 2021
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Designed by sleep experts
A personalized program that combines neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help you reduce stress, improve your resilience and sleep better. Designed by world-leading sleep expert, Dr. Els van der Helm and her team of sleep scientists.
What you get
In just 30 days, we will get to the bottom of your sleep issues and guide you through cognitive and behavioral exercises to reduce your stress levels and improve sleep.
Access to sleep experts
Detailed Assessments
Shleep app
Get personal advice from our panel of sleep experts in-app
Analysis of your sleep, stress levels, and chronotype
Track your sleep and get personalized tips & motivationals
Gratitude practice guide
Three live digital sessions
Handbook on mindfulness
Discover different ways to practice gratitude with our guide
Hosted by Dr. Els van der Helm
How to start and access to simple exercises
Sleep optimization plan
Personalized program round-up
In-app guided exercises
Optimize your day for better sleep
Your progress summary and a detailed FAQ on sleep
Including relaxation tools and nighttime SOS to fall asleep faster
Program Overview
March 15 - April 23, 2021
Expect an easy-to-follow curriculum that will address your sleep challenges and introduce good sleep habits. You will learn how to optimize your day and sleep better according to your body’s natural rhythm, and techniques to reduce stress immediately.
Week 0 to 1 - Detailed assessment and healthy sleep habits
Week 2 - Discover your chronotype
Week 3 - Mastering stress
Week 4 - Mindfulness for sleep
Week 5 - Program wrap-up
What Shleep can do for you
Reduce insomnia symptoms
Reduce sleep loss
Reduce stress
67% reduction in number of people experiencing insomnia symptoms
53% reduction in sleep debt
Learn mindfulness and relaxation techniques
Improve work habits
21% more effective at work
90% implemented better work habits
Learn how to sleep better without sleep aids
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Start sleeping (and feeling) better in 30 days

Program runs from 15 March - April 23 2021 at a fee of €249