30 Day Sleep Better Program

March 18 to April 23, 2021

Address your sleep problems and build a foundation for healthy sleep for just €249

One Dynamic Program

Address your sleep challenges and build a foundation for healthy sleep in 30 days

Advanced Sleep Tracking

Get detailed insights into your sleep timing, sleep quality, sleep debt and sleep efficiency.

Receive personalized goals with recommended exercises to get started.

Relaxation Tools

Meditate, do breathing exercises, and listen to our calming tracks to relax and reduce stress any time of the day.

Nighttime SOS

Waking up in the middle of the night? Relax your body and mind, and fall back asleep with our unique audio experiences and music.

What We Can Do For You

Led by Dr. Els van der Helm and her team of sleep experts, we have helped over 150,000 people sleep better.


Reduction in the number of people experiencing insomnia symptoms


Reduction in
sleep debt


Reduction in
stress levels


A message from Dr. Els van der Helm, CEO of Shleep

Program Highlights

A personalized program combining neuroscience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help you reduce stress, improve your resilience and sleep better


Sleep Assessment: Get personalized solutions & your chronotype guide


Resources: Access our library of exercises, guides & worksheets

Ask a Sleep Expert: Get personal advice via the Shleep App.


Digital Sessions: Including a kick-off workshop with Dr. Els van der Helm


Start sleeping (and feeling) better!


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